In the Emperor’s Name!

Since its launch only a short while ago In the Emperor’s Name has created an enormous amount of interest amongst people who love the Warhammer 40K universe, but are not so enamoured of the rules that accompany it. We have had over 3,000 downloads from the blog alone.

The quality of feedback, from AAR’s to individual comments on the blog, the Yahoo Group and on other blogs and fora has been excellent. As a result we have been able to create a lot more material for this game as well as improve and clarify the rules.

In short the improvements you will see in the new version include:
– The separation of the Core Rules, Retinues lists and Campaigns rules into three separate booklets. This will make it easier to update in the future as well as saving gamers’ ink on printing things they do not need.
– Complete weapons and armour listings, drawn from all the Retinues.
– A section on light vehicles from the humble ground car all the way up to the Chimera and Rhino.
– Special abilities, old and new, have been gathered together in a single section.
– There have been small changes to the rules of play both to make them clearer and to include simple changes to improve their playability.
– Grit is now costed on a sliding scale, due to its in-game importance.
– Weapons costs have been increased in many cases to take account of their range and the effect of some deadlier weapons on the Grit Roll.
– A swathe of new and improved Retinues have made it into the listings.
– All Retinues have been recosted to take into account the changes in Grit and Weapons’ costs. The base cost for a Retinue is now 200 pts.
– The Campaign rules have been updated to reflect the changes in Core Rules and Retinues, as well as being generally improved.
– Unique cover art from Joseph Urban.

Not all the good ideas that have come forward have been included in this edition. Some will be released individually on the blog, others in new supplements once we have enough material.

There is still a lot of the Warhammer 40K universe to explore, from Enslavers, Dark Eldar and Hive Fleet infiltration units, to new campaigns and dangerous locations. Anyone fancy hunting a Lictor on an Ice Planet or in the depths of the Catachan Jungle? More Psychic Powers and Special Abilities anyone? And who just loves the Assassins and their Temples?

We hope that you enjoy these rules.
The Forge of War Development Group.

In the Emperor’s Name 2nd Edition – Core Rules

In the Emperor’s Name 2nd Edition – Campaign System

In the Emperor’s Name 2nd Edition – Retinues

ItEN 3rd Edition


FUBAR – one page SF/Modern rules

FUBAR are a set of one page, fast play rules for small unit actions in a modern or SciFi setting.  Since their release in 2010 we have had over 3,500 downloads of the core rules and many more for the variant rules and force supplements.

These rules are simple to learn (usually after about 15 minutes of play) yet have enough tactical complexity to give you a fun and challenging game.

Credit has been given to a number of individual Forge of War (FoW) Yahoo members below, who have contributed to this incredible range of rules and supplements. However, everyone of us is grateful to all the other members of ther group for their ideas, reviews, playtests and support.

And the work has only just begun. We have ideas coming in all the time for supplements and at least three or four in progress. If you want to know more come over to the Group and have a look.

This one page set is all you need to get you playing.

FUBAR Core Rules 4th Edition

Abovee are the latest rules, as released on 11th April 2011.

I’ll leave the previous set below

FUBAR Core Rules 3.0

We also have these in French, Italian and Spanish.

FUBAR French Core Rules 3.0

FUBAR in Spanish

Fubar Regole Principali 3.0 Italiano

For those who like a complex morale system, below is FoW designer Jason’s Alternate Morale Rules.

FUBAR Alternate Morale Rules



Boarding Actions – FUBAR Beta Playtest

For many players of Warhammer 40K their first experience of the universe that would come to dominate their lives was through the board games Space Hulk and Space Crusade.

This supplement draws upon that ‘forbidden love’, the FUBAR Core Rules and an as yet unreleased FPS version of FUBAR called ‘Rooms & Corridors’ by Chris Knowles.

It all begins with an ancient Hulk emerging from the warp on the edge of an Imperial system…

These are the playtest rules, not the final ones. Once I have some feedback in from here and the Forge of War Yahoo Group team I will release a First Edition.

FUBAR 40K Boarding Actions! – Rules of Play

FUBAR 40K Boarding Actions! – Boarding Parties

FUBAR 40K Boarding Actions! – Denizens of the Hulk

Generic SciFi
These allow you to games across a range of popular SciFi settings and genres from Aliens to Terminator and Predator.

FUBAR Generic Sci-Fi


We have two force supplements for Stargate by my own gaming group and myself.

FUBAR SG1 2nd Edition

This covers the popular TV program with all the forces and characters from the original series.

The Gauntlet – A scenario for FUBAR Stargate One

Wheres Daniel – A scenario for FUBAR Stargate One

FUBAR SG1895 v0.2 (2)
This is a variant that expands on what could have happened if the British had found the Egyptian Stargate in the late Victorian Period.

Star Wars

We have two force supplements here. The first covers the original three films, and the second covers the Clone Wars as shown in the CGI Cartoon series. These rules are by FoW designer Eric.

FUBAR Star Wars 1.05
FUBAR Clone Wars 2.06

In addition John and the guys from the Southern Maryland Wargames Club have produced a range of beautiful reference cards for each troop type, as well as chits for the Battle of Hoth.

SW Clone Wars Cards
SW Hoth Cards
SW Misc Cards

Starship Troopers

The classic confrontation on Klendathu between the Roughnecks of the Mobile Infantry and the hordes of the Bug Empire can now be played thanks to John and the guys from the Southern Maryland Wargames Club.

In addition there is my original SST Force Supplement.

FUBAR Starship Troopers



This is for those of you that like weird science in the 19th century by Fow designer Lanse.

Victorian Sci-Fi FUBAR 2

Warhammer 40K

Admit it, most of us play or have played 40K, and many of us have GW figures in our collections. This supplement allows you to play 40K but without a 300 page rulebook and a 100 page army book at your side.

We’ve even created a very simple points calculator with all the troops listed in the Force Supplement already worked out.

FUBAR 40K 3rd Edition

Points Calculator Fubar 40K

An alternative to my stripped down approach has been produced by FoW designer Chris. This has more detail and aims to do one page codexes.

WarFUBAR 40,000 – Imperial Guard
WarFUBAR 40,000 – Space Marines (with draft army list)


Force list for Warzone from FoW designer Jason which includes Imperial, Bauhaus, Capitol, Cybertronic, Miashma, Dark Legion and Cartel factions.

FUBAR Warzone Force List Draft 2

Hammers Slammers

An oft overlooked, but much beloved subgenre of SciFi wargaming by FoW designer Adam.

FUBAR – Hammer’s Slammers

Imperial Commander

These are based on a much older game than many shown here, but FoW designer Lee Barnes has put a shedload of work into getting FUBAR to make these forces work.

IC Imperial Commander Rules


Classic Enemies of the Empire of Man

IC Empire Army Sheet
Empire of Man

IC K’Kree Army Sheet
Traveller K’Kree Enmies of Vargar

Traveller Vargar Ancient Enemies of K’Kree

IC KRA’VAK Army Sheet
Predator Aliens

IC Orksis Army Sheet
Classic Orks In Space

Terminators from HOF

IC Spug Army Sheet
Space Bugs

FUBAR 15mm SciFi
For those who like this scale for their SciFi from FoW designer Chris.

FUBAR 15mm Sci-Fi – Khurasan Miniatures
Stats and rules for Khurasan Minis 15mm Sci-Fi minis

FUBAR 15mm Sci-Fi – Rebel Minis
Rules and stats for Rebel Minis 15mm Sci-Fi Range

We also have rules for use with 15mm SciFi AFV’s such as those produced by Top Gun Marketing and other manufacturers.

Grav Armor Rules for Fubar
Grav Armor Ratings for Fubar

A lot of people started asking if we could produce a version of FUBAR suitable for the increasingly popular 6mm scale.  Here is the development draft of what we have done so far.

Micro-FUBAR Core Rules 0.1

FUBAR Modern

Still in development, but still a whole lot of fun, here are the Nam rules from FoW designer Thomas.

Fubar Vietnam Rough Draft 0.08
FUBAR Vietnam USMC Rough Draft 0.08
FUBAR Vietnam Viet Cong Rough Draft 0.08

Another one that is still under development.

FUBAR WW2 – Infantry Platoons

FUBAR Afghanistan
FoW designer Rich has produced a ISAF/Taliban force supplement for Afghanistan and a set of scenarios.

FUBAR-Afghanistan missions

For Halloween we produced a force supplement to cover skirmishes in a small, midwestern US town between the towns people and the usual suspects (Vampires, Zombies etc…).

FUBAR – Something Wicked this way comes

FoW designer Brian made up a set of unit cards for this supplement.

SWTWC Unit Cards

Forge Of War

This set of rules is born of frustration with many mainstream and professional rule sets for this genre. Most of these treat the figures as automata and rarely consider the view from the foxhole, except with highly abstracted break/flee tests.

The idea was to produce a set of rules that could be used with any range of SF figures and their background.

I was also fed-up with the almost universal IGO-UGO mechanics of many of the more popular rule sets. This meant in reality that the gamer who got the first turn got an almost totally unfair advantage over his opponent.

These rules are based around two key mechanics, the Activation Roll and the D-marker:

The Activation Roll is an attempt to break away from the taking turns mentality of the more popular rules sets available for this ‘period’. In those rules one player can move, fire and attack with every single unit before his opponent can do anything, regardless of the skills, readiness or order of his units.

The Activation Roll makes the Player-General consider carefully which units to activate, and in which order, because to fail an Activation Roll passes the initiative to his opponent. It also makes him use his valuable leaders carefully as they often have higher command values than ordinary troops and are best used leading their men than zooming around like helicopter gunships.

The Activation mechanic represents the fog of war and the responsiveness of units to commands from their HQ which may have been made without an accurate understanding of the situation from the point of view of that unit.

The D-marker impacts considerably on the example above. When a unit or leader takes hits it has a choice. It can lose figures or take D-markers. The ‘D’ stands for Disorder, Disorientation, Demoralisation and Damage. A unit can only have a limited number of D-markers on them at any one time depending on their training and experience, and each marker places negative modifiers on their Command, Shooting and Fighting values (as described later) as well as their ability to move quickly.


This set consists of:

1. The Basic Rules: Forge of War – Second Edition (Word Version).

1.1 The Basic Rules: Forge-of-War Second Edition  (PDF Version)

2. Suggested W40K force lists by Kyle.forge-of-war-stats1

3. Suggested W40K Weapons Stat’s by Kyle.weapons


Since FORW was originally published  in January a development team has formed on a dedicated Yahoo Group. They have been beavering away on the second edition which we hope to publish in April. This clarifies all the parts I left hanging in the original set and has been based upon many hours of play testing.

Suggested AT-43 Stats: forge-of-war-at43-stats


One of these is Adam, a fan of AT-43. He has created a set of stat’s to make FORW work for that game. I have absolutely no experience of these rules so I’ll leave this entirely up to him 🙂