Forge-of-War Second Edition

Forge-of-War Second Edition


5 Responses

  1. Interesting set of rules from the originating team that produced IHMS
    Lots of ideas that I can incorporate .

  2. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the compliment, but we’re not the only ones with alternatives to you-know-what, even if ‘they’ don’t like you to think that there are. Try Stargrunt 2 or AT-43, or any of a dozen other rulesets. Each has their own flavour and take on things.

    A good place to find others, if you’ve not been there already, is Pete’s Free Wargames Rules site (see the link to the right of this comment).


  3. glad to see someone has an alternative to you -know-what!

  4. Josh, you are welcome to pinch them, adapt them, bend, fold, staple and mutilate them to your heart’s content. We only ask that if you use them you let people know where they came from.

    There is a Forge of War development group on Yahoo where such fun is carried on as well if you are interested.


  5. Out standing!!! Mind if I pinch em to do a little playtesting?

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