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The end is nigh

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with sadness that I give notice that this blog shall soon be taken down. It was my very first blog, as can be seen by the poor design, however, a combination of ‘footfall’ and my many commitments elsewhere mean that I can no longer spend any time to maintain and update it.

Thus, in thirty days time, I shall remove it and its contents. So please, if you want anything from it please download it in the next month.

I shall be continuing with my other blogs and can be easily contacted through Facebook.

Thank you for following this blog and I hope we continue to remain in touch through othe r means.

Cheers m’dears,

Craig Cartmell.

D&D turns 40!

Today is the 40th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, a game that changed the course of millions of lives.
I began playing in 1976 when a Canadian Air Force officer’s son came to our school and introduced the game to the (one day to be named) geeks in the sixth form.
As the game wasn’t actually available in the UK we all took turns to borrow the rules and copy them out by hand. After that every lunchtime was spent fighting battles underground using Chess pieces as figures and a series of multi-sided spinners for the various dice.
Within a couple of years I had the original booklets, proper dice and a handful of figures from Minifigs in Southampton.
I left the navy in 1979 and found the Portsmouth Wargames Club where a band of young chaps had set up a thriving D&D club. Mark, Ian, Jim, Paul, Tim and a gang of others played every weekend from mid-morning until ten at night. We’d also play at various people’s houses in the week and in fact anywhere and anytime we could.
The rest is pretty much history. I became a regular DM, eventually DM’ing the open at Gamesday and then EuroGenCon.
And I still play now, though I’m now DM’ing and playing D&D3.5 (I never took to 4th) and running several games of my own invention as can be seen by this blog.
D&D gave me the chance to explore my creative side, it gave me and my friends tens of thousands of hours of social pleasure, and eventually led to me becoming a published rules author, so it shall always have a special place in my heart.
Tonight I shall raise a glass to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson – well played chaps, well played.

Project Trust Thailand 2014-15

My younger daughter Rhiannon is raising funds so that she can go to Thailand for a year to teach young children English. This has been organised by Project Trust, a worldwide educational charity.

project trust

Rhiannon is the one in pink at the bottom, acting as a ladder for everyone else 🙂

If you know of any grants she can apply for, would like to donate yourself or whould just like to cheer her one please visit

Inked Adventures for Dead Simple

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Billiambabble’s excellent work please have a look at:

I have been following Bill as he has been building up his skills as an artist over the last few years. He currently specialises in producing beautiful, hand-drawn dungeons. If you are only used to the high graphic artistry of Worldworks and other such then you may well find Bill’s approach refreshing.

He is currently marketing his Dungeon Geomorph set through the usual online outlets and I must say they are quite the ting for a Dead Simple GM to have in his bag.

Here is an example of them:


I may be old school but I think these knock all those over-produced, computer generated sets into a cocked hat 🙂

Busiris RPG

Busiris is a colony of a distant, almost fabled, Empire. It is a melting pot where the high culture & ancient magic of the Empire meets a new continent full of promise & danger. Here the Old Gods compete with the Wild Spirit Lords of the interior & their feral magic.

Being a place of both peril & fabulous riches it attracts the best & worst men of the Empire. Ambitious Princes, devious Priests & greedy Merchants rub shoulders with Mercenaries, Adventurers & Tomb Robbers. It is a political and physical battleground for the great noble houses and the temples to play out their ambitions.

Everyone here is out to make their fortune & advance their destiny far from the stultifying & oppressive ‘harmony’ of the Empire proper. Intrigue, conspiracy & betrayal are as common as the rain is not.

This RPG takes you to the frontier of an ancient civilization where nothing is as it seems. It has Bronze Age technology, but with pistols and muskets. A heady mixture of Ancient Egypt, the Arabian Nights and 16th century yo-ho-ho!

Below are all the rules you will need to get started.

Busiris RPG – Core Rules

Busiris RPG – The City of Busiris

Busiris RPG – Beyond the City walls

Busiris RPG – The Souk

Busiris RPG – The Temples

More supplements are in the pipeline, including allies, enemies and adventures.

June 15th – new Supplements

Below are the latest supplements for our new RPG. The first is everything you need to know to run adventures in Busiris:

Busiris RPG – Game Masters Companion

The second is a set of common and uncommon people that the adventurers may meet and become allies or enemies of. All laid out in a simple format so that the GM can use them immediately:

Busiris RPG – Citizens of Busiris

June 16th – new supplement

There are creatures and races that exist in, under and around the City of Busiris, that regard the arrival of the Empire with sinister intent.

Some are mindless, yet dangerous, beasts. Others have a malign intelligence to match that of the incomers into what they regard as their territory.

These are all listed in this new supplement:

Busiris RPG – City Bestiary

July 12th – First Adventure – The Lion Roars.

This is the first episode in The Lion Rises story arc. It introduces the players and their adventurers to Busiris and it’s deadly politics.

Busiris RPG – Adventure 1 – The Lion Roars


Nasty, Brutish & Short!

Some years ago I wrote and ran a game called ‘Goblins’  for my local group. It had the palyers roleplaying a gang of inept Goblins in the man-dominated world of the 21st century. Although the rules were crude and clunky it was an absolute hoot.

So when I wrote Dead Simple and found these rules to be fairly easy and logical to use  my mind turned back to that old setting. So here they are the one page NBS rules and a one page supplement to introduce you to the background. More supplements will follow…

Nasty, Brutal and Short

Going Down – The World of Nasty, Brutal and Short!

So do you want to release your inner Goblin?

And new today [28th September] is the first one page adventure for NBS:

The Maltese Goblin – a scenario for Nasty, Brutal & Short