Inked Adventures for Dead Simple

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Billiambabble’s excellent work please have a look at:

I have been following Bill as he has been building up his skills as an artist over the last few years. He currently specialises in producing beautiful, hand-drawn dungeons. If you are only used to the high graphic artistry of Worldworks and other such then you may well find Bill’s approach refreshing.

He is currently marketing his Dungeon Geomorph set through the usual online outlets and I must say they are quite the ting for a Dead Simple GM to have in his bag.

Here is an example of them:


I may be old school but I think these knock all those over-produced, computer generated sets into a cocked hat 🙂

Busiris RPG

Busiris is a colony of a distant, almost fabled, Empire. It is a melting pot where the high culture & ancient magic of the Empire meets a new continent full of promise & danger. Here the Old Gods compete with the Wild Spirit Lords of the interior & their feral magic.

Being a place of both peril & fabulous riches it attracts the best & worst men of the Empire. Ambitious Princes, devious Priests & greedy Merchants rub shoulders with Mercenaries, Adventurers & Tomb Robbers. It is a political and physical battleground for the great noble houses and the temples to play out their ambitions.

Everyone here is out to make their fortune & advance their destiny far from the stultifying & oppressive ‘harmony’ of the Empire proper. Intrigue, conspiracy & betrayal are as common as the rain is not.

This RPG takes you to the frontier of an ancient civilization where nothing is as it seems. It has Bronze Age technology, but with pistols and muskets. A heady mixture of Ancient Egypt, the Arabian Nights and 16th century yo-ho-ho!

Below are all the rules you will need to get started.

Busiris RPG – Core Rules

Busiris RPG – The City of Busiris

Busiris RPG – Beyond the City walls

Busiris RPG – The Souk

Busiris RPG – The Temples

More supplements are in the pipeline, including allies, enemies and adventures.

June 15th – new Supplements

Below are the latest supplements for our new RPG. The first is everything you need to know to run adventures in Busiris:

Busiris RPG – Game Masters Companion

The second is a set of common and uncommon people that the adventurers may meet and become allies or enemies of. All laid out in a simple format so that the GM can use them immediately:

Busiris RPG – Citizens of Busiris

June 16th – new supplement

There are creatures and races that exist in, under and around the City of Busiris, that regard the arrival of the Empire with sinister intent.

Some are mindless, yet dangerous, beasts. Others have a malign intelligence to match that of the incomers into what they regard as their territory.

These are all listed in this new supplement:

Busiris RPG – City Bestiary

July 12th – First Adventure – The Lion Roars.

This is the first episode in The Lion Rises story arc. It introduces the players and their adventurers to Busiris and it’s deadly politics.

Busiris RPG – Adventure 1 – The Lion Roars


Inscrutable – One page Oriental Fantasy RPG Rules

Inscrutable is a new stablemate to the successful Dead Simple Fantasy RPG rules. It allow you to play a honourable Samurai, a wily Ninja, sorcerous Shugenja or wise Monk in the mystical land of Nihon.

It also shows just how easy it is to transfer the Dead Simple rules to another fantasy genre.

Here are the core rules, more to follow:

Inscrutable One Page RPG Rules 2nd Edition

Nasty, Brutish & Short!

Some years ago I wrote and ran a game called ‘Goblins’  for my local group. It had the palyers roleplaying a gang of inept Goblins in the man-dominated world of the 21st century. Although the rules were crude and clunky it was an absolute hoot.

So when I wrote Dead Simple and found these rules to be fairly easy and logical to use  my mind turned back to that old setting. So here they are the one page NBS rules and a one page supplement to introduce you to the background. More supplements will follow…

Nasty, Brutal and Short

Going Down – The World of Nasty, Brutal and Short!

So do you want to release your inner Goblin?

And new today [28th September] is the first one page adventure for NBS:

The Maltese Goblin – a scenario for Nasty, Brutal & Short

Dead Simple RPG Rules

Following on from the success of my one page Wargames rules (FUBAR), I wondered if the same principle could be applied to roleplaying, and here’s the result:

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG Rules v3.0

Those of you that have already downloaded this set may wish to download the core rules again. The are now in an A4 Portrait Three-column style that gives me more space for good stuff.

As promised I have started to produce supplements to the core rules:

Supplement 1 – Dead Simple Game Mastering

Supplement 2 – Going Underground

Supplement 3 – Loot!

Supplement 4 – The Marketplace

Dead Simple – Supplement 5 The Village of Grobblet

Dead Simple – Supplement 6A The Denizens of the Dark

Dead Simple – Supplement 6B Dark Forests…

Dead Simple – Supplement 6C Death is only the beginning…

Dead Simple – The Tomb of St.Magnus Part 1

As these rules are only one page they are very easy to adapt to your own setting or theme. For example here’s a version set in the Reformation in 17th Century England:

Blood & Faith – Simple One Page Reformation RPG Rules

You can even change genres in the flick of a page. Here’s a SF/Space Opera version:

Blaster – Simple One Page SF RPG Rules




These are a set of very simple dungeon-bashing rules for youngsters and the young at heart. It is classic kick-in-the-door, kill the monsters and steal their treasure stuff.

Here are the rules: dungeoneer-v1

As I playtest these with my 10 year old son and his friends I will publish supplements, dungeons and other goodies 🙂

For those who don’t have a good set of dungeon floortiles or battlemaps to hand with which to play these rules I’d like to recommend the following sites:

Crooked Staff Productions –

Dream Weaved Worlds –

RPG Mapshare Gallery –

The first two are essentially one-man productions, yet both provide a range and professionalism of production to suit just about any taste. The latter is a cooperative site which ranges across fantasy and sci-fi. All three are free.

If you don’t have a handy stock of 25mm fantasy figures to hand you could do worse than visit One Monk Studios, a fine purveyor of excellent paper figures (download, print on card and voila!). Amongst his many sets there are quite a few tasters for free :). You can find him here:

Another excellent paper figure artist is Bhoritz and his figures can be found here:

I hope these help you have many evenings of fun and slaughter 😉

The Third Age RPG

These are a set of roleplaying rules that seek to reproduce the magic and heroism of Tolkien’s Middle Earth in the Third Age. At the end of this age was the War of the Ring, who’s heroes and exploits are well-documented in Tolkien’s epic  history – The Lord of the Rings.


This game, however, is set before the end of the Third Age, when things were far less black and white. The evil of Sauron reborn had not yet come to full fruit and the world of men and elves was disunited and tottering upon the very brink of eternal darkness. In that time many heroes died unsung in the fight to reveal Sauron’s byzantine plans, and the One Ring lay still in the hands of Gollum, deep in the Misty Mountains.


The players take on the roles of minor heroes on the side of the Light, struggling to defend the free peoples from an, as yet, nameless evil. They will interact with many of the people who later come to prominence at the end of the age, such as Gandalf, Radagast, Elrond, Thorin Oakenshield, Gwaihir, and a host of others. They will also find themselves in opposition to devious Goblin Kings, savage Trolls, ferocious Warg pack leaders, sinister Wights, the Nine and a horde of their minions. They may even hazard facing the Necromancer at Dol Guldur once they are of sufficient power.


The full Rules are here:  Third Age RPG v2


Pendragon RPG

It is the mid-5th Century. The Roman Legions left Britain a century before and the land is now divided into a dozen rival kingdoms. From over the sea the refugees of the shattered empire and the waves of westward migrations arrive in ever greater numbers. The old Gods are still dominant, but now there is a new God with ambitious and persuasive missionaries. The last gift of an ungrateful empire – Christianity.


Amongst this chaos a ruthless man tries to forge a single nation and fails. Uther, called the Pendragon, dies with unity within his grasp, betrayed by his own lust. The great druid Merllyn goes into hiding with the tyrant’s infant son, and the cycle of civil wars continue.


Into this mix of war and politics this game introduces all the mythic elements of the time: Druid Magic, Christian Miracles, the Sidhe, the old Gods, and the magical nature of the land of Logres itself.


It is now that the Characters begin their careers during the upheavals in the mythic Britain of the 5th-6th Century. They will be adventuring as the events surrounding Uther Pendragon, Merllyn, Arthur, Morgaine and the Grail all come to pass. They may even become Knights of Arthur’s Court.

Game Philosophy

This game is based around the microlite version of the D20 rules that has been designed to be quick and easy to play. The goal was to create a simpler game, but one where all of the resources of core D20 (monsters, spells, adventures and equipment) could be used without any serious conversion.


You can find the Rules here: Pendragon D20

Diabolical RPG

This is a game set in a medieval world where the gods have either fled or have withdrawn their blessings and protection from the majority of the population. As a result it is coming under increasing attack from Diabolic forces. A number of Diabolic Princes are competing to convert or conquer the nations of men and all that stands between them and victory are a few bands of heroes.

These travel from land to land on quests to drive back the forces of the Diabolic Princes. Sometimes they are successful, oftimes they are not.


Some readers will quickly recognise that these rules owe a considerable debt to the Diablo series of computer rpg’s, especially Diablo II. Unlike the previous D&D version though, these rules and the setting have not slavishly copied the computer game, but transferred its core ideas to a simpler format and similar setting.

Microlite D20 Game Engine

This is a reduced version of the D20 rules that has been designed to be quick and easy to play. The goal was to create a simpler game, but one where many of the resources of core D20 (monsters, spells, adventures and equipment) could be used without any serious conversion.


The rules are here: diabolical-d20


T’n’B is currently offline for a complete overhaul.  A new version of these simple RPG rules will be released in June 2010.