Indomitable RPG

Each of the players is represented by a young Gaul who is just starting out in a certain unconquered and indomitable Gaulish Village. They are nephews and nieces of Vitalstatistix, Getafix, Fullyautomatix, Unhygienix, Cacofonix, Geriatrix, Asterix and Obelix (but not Dogmatix).

In this RPG the characters are young Gauls who aspire to become like their famous uncles. Each adventure normally begins with them being offered a chance to carry out a mission for Vitalstatistix the Chief, or Getafix the Druid. Occasionally adventures might come from other famous characters.

Initially these adventures will be close to home. Local towns, the Roman Encampments, the sacred woods  and shores of their homeland are all ripe for low-level adventures. Later adventures will take them further afield. Such places as the wet shores of Brittania, the gloomy woods of Germania, the glory of Imperial Rome and the exotic River Nile all beckon to ambitious young Gauls.

This is a strictly tongue-in-cheek set of roleplaying rules which are fun to play – especially if you’ve had some red wine and maybe a boar ot two…

The full Rules are here: Indomitable

De Bellis Americanus Civilis

This is an attempt to expand upon the DBA rules and make them applicable to the American Civil War.

The most signal difference between these rules and DBA is in the organisation and number of elements. Regiments of both infantry and cavalry have a number of elements. This allows the deployment, movement and use of the regiments in a way that reflects the formations and tactics common in that war. As a result the number of potential command points available for use is doubled. Also the standard DBA rules for the movement of groups of elements is replaced by the rules for regimental formation and movement.

This makes this game fall between the small tabletop engagements that DBA provides and the much larger ones you can have in DBM. In play it is almost as simple as DBA, thereby not going into the excess complexity of DBM. In game terms these rules are useful for representing conflicts between small, all-arms divisions, rather than full field armies. Ideas for expanding this game to Corps level are explained in the General Design Notes at the end.

Overall this game is as much about effective deployment and manoeuvre as it is about firepower. There will be a few turns of movement before the forces proper come into firing range. The correct use of formations and roads will be critical to this.

As with all rule sets the following should be applied :

1.       Rules are for the blind obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.

2.       The point of this game is to enjoy refighting the Civil War, not each other.

3.       Amend, bend and ignore these rules as you see fit to meet your own, agreed, objectives.

The full Rules are here: De Bellis Americanus Civilis