Busiris RPG

Busiris is a colony of a distant, almost fabled, Empire. It is a melting pot where the high culture & ancient magic of the Empire meets a new continent full of promise & danger. Here the Old Gods compete with the Wild Spirit Lords of the interior & their feral magic.

Being a place of both peril & fabulous riches it attracts the best & worst men of the Empire. Ambitious Princes, devious Priests & greedy Merchants rub shoulders with Mercenaries, Adventurers & Tomb Robbers. It is a political and physical battleground for the great noble houses and the temples to play out their ambitions.

Everyone here is out to make their fortune & advance their destiny far from the stultifying & oppressive ‘harmony’ of the Empire proper. Intrigue, conspiracy & betrayal are as common as the rain is not.

This RPG takes you to the frontier of an ancient civilization where nothing is as it seems. It has Bronze Age technology, but with pistols and muskets. A heady mixture of Ancient Egypt, the Arabian Nights and 16th century yo-ho-ho!

Below are all the rules you will need to get started.

Busiris RPG – Core Rules

Busiris RPG – The City of Busiris

Busiris RPG – Beyond the City walls

Busiris RPG – The Souk

Busiris RPG – The Temples

More supplements are in the pipeline, including allies, enemies and adventures.

June 15th – new Supplements

Below are the latest supplements for our new RPG. The first is everything you need to know to run adventures in Busiris:

Busiris RPG – Game Masters Companion

The second is a set of common and uncommon people that the adventurers may meet and become allies or enemies of. All laid out in a simple format so that the GM can use them immediately:

Busiris RPG – Citizens of Busiris

June 16th – new supplement

There are creatures and races that exist in, under and around the City of Busiris, that regard the arrival of the Empire with sinister intent.

Some are mindless, yet dangerous, beasts. Others have a malign intelligence to match that of the incomers into what they regard as their territory.

These are all listed in this new supplement:

Busiris RPG – City Bestiary

July 12th – First Adventure – The Lion Roars.

This is the first episode in The Lion Rises story arc. It introduces the players and their adventurers to Busiris and it’s deadly politics.

Busiris RPG – Adventure 1 – The Lion Roars