FUBAR Medieval

A little known fact about the FUBAR Modern/SF Rules for small unit actions is that they have a barbaric cousin – FUBAR Medieval.

These are rules for those who want a quick, yet savagely satisfying game involving a few handpicked warbands in a medieval (i.e. pre-firearms) or fantasy genre.

Below are the core rules:

FUBAR Medieval 2nd Edition

Thanks to Captain Caverne we now have the core rules in French:

FUBAR Medieval in French

We already have three force supplements for these rules.

The first is an exploration of the 9th-11th century in Britain. It involves Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Welsh, Irish and Pictish warbands vying for supremacy in this age of invasions.

FUBAR 1066 and all that 2nd Edition

The second is a delve further back to the chaos that followed the Roman withdrawal and the rise of a Warlord who would be later feted as Arthur, King of the Britons. There are forces for the Roman0-British forces of Arthur, the invading Saxons and the native Welsh and Pictish Kings.

There is also a section to allow you to add some of the mythic elements such as Merlin and Morgana, Excalibur and the grail Knights, as well as Welsh Druids and Pictish Shamen.

FUBAR Artorius Rex 2nd Edition

Next up is a chance to ride with the Seven Samurai. A full set of rules for warfare in medieval Japan. Not always historically accurate, but certainly in keeping with the films of Akiro Kurasawa.

Ever fancied defending a village of peasants with a handful of Ronin and a drunken Warrior Monk against a vengeful Samurai Daimyo and his loyal retainers? Here’s your chance.

FUBAR The Seven Samurai 2nd Edition

And finally, for now at least,  the chance the play Aragorn or Boromir, Gandalf, Theoden or Saruman. FUBAR The War of the Ring allows you to bring your warbands into battle across the latter years of Middle Earth in the mammoth two-page supplement!

FUBAR The War of the Ring 2nd Edition

A couple of scenarios for you.

These scenarios are set in the period from the time of Bilbo’s adventures chronicled in his book ‘There and Back Again’ (better known to us through Tolkien’s translation as ‘The Hobbit’) up until a few years before the events in The Lord of the Rings.

 The Chamber of Mazarbul

King Balin’s reign in the restored kingdom of Khazadum (Moria) is short-lived and upon his death his followers are cornered and make a last stand in the Chamber of Mazarbul, where lies his tomb.

Dwarves [141 pts]

1 Hero [Elite, Heavy Armour, Greataxe @ 15pts]

4 Warbands of 3 Warriors [Veteran, Heavy Armour, Shield, Battleaxe, Crossbow or 2 Throwing Axes @ 14pts]

The Dwarven Hero can fight independently or join one of his Warbands.

Goblins [412 pts]

1 Goblin King  [Veteran, Medium Armour, Two-handed Mace @ 12pts]

8 Warbands of 6 Goblin Warriors [Green, Light Armour, half have Shield & Sword, half have bows @ 8pts]

1 Cave Troll [Veteran, Medium Armour, Two-handed Club. Can take 4 wounds before dying @ 16pts]

The Goblin King can fight independently or join one of his Warbands.

The Cave Troll fights independently


Layout the Chamber as you have seen it in the film. Remember the Pillars, the Tomb of Balin, the Well and the Doorway. Alternately you can download floorplans of the chamber here:


Scroll down the page to find the download.

Note that the doorway is wide enough for two Dwarves, three Goblins or one Troll. The well will admit Goblins two at a time.

The Dwarves can deploy anywhere in the chamber. The Goblins deploy outside. They must assign which Goblin Warbands will come through the door and which will come up the Well.

If the Well is undefended the Goblins can enter freely. If it is defended then they must fight their way through, but only two Goblins can fight at one time.

The game begins when the door gives way. The Goblins begin with the initiative.


Victory occurs when either:

1. Dwarven Victory: The Dwarves kill 300 points of the Goblin forces.

2. Goblin Victory: The Dwarves are all slain.

Of course any Dwarven victory only buys them a breathing space before the next assault. Their bones will be found by the Fellowship when they too have to defend this sad place.

It is suggested that you replay this scenario with the players swapping sides, so both of you can experience this stirring last stand.

The Retaking of Osgiliath

Shown in the extended version of the films this scenario shows Boromir’s successful, though short-lived, victory in Osgiliath.

The Scenario features the retaking of the bridge over the Anduin.

The Army of Gondor [454 pts]

Boromir [Elite, Heavy/Medium Armour, Shield, Sword, Bow, The Horn of Gondor @ 20pts]

5 Warbands of  6 Soldiers [Seasoned, Medium Armour, Shield, Spear or Bow, Sword @ 10pts. No more than one third can have bows]

Faramir [Elite, Light Armour, Shield, Sword, Longbow @ 14pts]

2 Warbands of 5 Rangers [Veteran, Light Armour, Shield, Sword, Longbow @ 12pts]

The Army of Minas Morgul [500 pts]

2 Orc Captains  [Veterans, Medium Armour, Shield, Sword or Axe @ 11pts]

7 Warbands of 7 Orc Warriors  [Seasoned, Light Armour, Shield, Spear or Sword, one third have Bows @ 9pts]

2 Mordor Trolls  [Veterans, Heavy Armour, Two-handed Swords/Hammers, Can take four wounds before dying @ 18pts]


The Bridge over the Anduin is 24” long and 8” wide.

The Army of Gondor can deploy in the ruined buildings at the western end of the bridge and on the road leading to it.

The Army of Minas Morgul will deploy in the ruined buildings on the eastern riverbank.

Neither side can place forces on the bridge itself.

The Bridge has a parapet along each side that gives moderate cover to anyone on it from troops firing from the riverbanks. Troll do not gain cover from this parapet as they tower above it.

The ruined buildings also give moderate cover.

The Army of Gondor begins with the initiative.

Boromir can blow his Horn once during the battle.


Victory occurs when either:

1. Gondor Victory: Boromir or Faramir raise the Standard of Gondor at the eastern end of the bridge and keep it aloft for one full turn.

2. Gondor Victory: 400 points of the Bridge’s defenders are slain.

3. Minas Morgul Victory: Both Boromir and Faramir are slain.

4. Minas Morgul Victory: 300 points of the attackers are slain.


14 Responses

  1. でも最近やっと雑誌を買うよ.。 ニットの貴公子 広瀬

  2. Great rule set, me and my mates have had a ace time playing this game system. I would just like to know when a third edition may pop up and what idea’s you have in mind. Will rules for characters from the 2nd age appear ie: Isildur and Elendil and will more units and forces be added?



  3. Hi there, You must have done a fantastic job. Let me certainly reddit it and our check out suggest for you to my friends. I am certain they will be benefited from this web site.

  4. Hi Toby,
    The truth is that I threw those lists together in a hurry and have had no opportunity to edit or playtest them – sorry. And now I’m bogged down writing the first supplement for In Her Majesty’s Name [VSF rules].
    if you’d like to have a go yourself please do. We give full credit to anyone who contributes to the development of these rules.

  5. Couple of things re: 1066 and Artorius Rex.
    1066 Welsh/Pict/Irish list: If Celts and Picts don’t fight mounted, why is the Lord mounted in-game, and could there not be a less potentially-confusing name for Horse?
    Artorius Rex Welsh/Pict list: Noble Warriors, having been copy/pasted from the ‘Horse’ in the 1066 list, still have that paragraph about not fighting mounted. Similarly, the Prince entry still refers to the accompanying unit as ‘Horse’.

    In both lists, what’s the point of the Raven Banner, and why is it the same points cost as the [much more useful] Dragon Banner? As far as I can tell, withdrawing seems to be optional; why would you pay 20 points just to rid yourself of that option?


  6. Just feed goblins in until there’s enough to entertain the Fellowship but not overwhelm them in one rush. Remember that the goblins are vicious,but still basically cowardly and they’re facing two of the most ferocious warriors in Middle Earth, both with decades of killing Orcs, and a Maiar, never mind the Elven Prince. Only the Troll has no fear.

  7. Hi Craig,

    Wow! So even with the goblin force having so many more points, you think the Fellowship will have no trouble defeating the entire lot? Perhaps I should raise the number of goblins in each unit to 8, so eight units of 8. I was afraid that the goblins would overrun the Fellowship! Good to know!

    Yes, I would play it that they would just have to withstand one goblin attack with that many units and the troll. I was hoping the troll would be tough, so that’s good to hear. Eventually I want to run it as a two part battle, with the Fellowship holding off the goblins in the tomb and then a mad dash across the bridge against the balrog and bow-armed goblins. I would allow the Fellowship to in effect “heal” in between the two encounters however.


  8. Hi Matt,

    With the Fellowship you will find your goblins hard pressed to force a victory. However, the Troll is a very hard nut for as small a force as the Fellowship to deal with.

    The key difference of course is that the Fellowship are not making a last stand and should only have to withstand a single assault. Also in the film the goblins did not use the well as an approach route.

    Let me know how it goes as I haven’t fought that battle myself.


  9. Hi Craig,

    Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking of it in terms of the optional morale rules as well, which would tend to favor more units (which would give more dice) so more smaller units would be better than fewer larger units. I can also see how if you were using the regular rules that having more units gives the goblin player more chances to pass an activation roll and get in there in melee with the enemy. With only 4 or 5 units there may be turns where they all fail so the goblin player would have to just be content to sit back and shoot with the bow-armed guys for an entire turn. Not, I would think, the way to victory for the goblin player!

    I’m actually going to replace the Dwarf army with the Fellowship and run it as the mines of Moria battle in the book/movie. The Fellowship amounts to about the same points as the Dwarf army although they have greater command and control options with all the individual characters, but are more likely to be overwhelmed.

    Given your knowledge of the rules, any idea how you think that would go? Too many goblins for the Fellowship to have a chance?


  10. Hi Matt,

    Having played the scenario through a couple of times I found that large mobs of Goblins were easy to slow down with suppression and casualties. Smaller groups gave the Goblin player more tactical flexibility, something you need when facing a cornered party of rock hard dwarves.

    This scenario represents just one wave of goblin/troll attacks. You could rinse and repeat with the Dwarven player getting no reinforcements, to see which of you could make the Dwarves last the longest and cause the most carnage.


  11. Hi Craig,

    I’m still pretty new to the rules and am just collecting a force to do some LotR games using Medieval FUBAR and the LotR supplement and I was very happy to see you throw out some scenarios. Any particular reason why the goblin and orc units in the games are 6 or 7 figures in size and not larger? So, for example, I was wondering what the thinking behind having eight 6 figure units rather than, say, five 10 figure units? Is there a game mechanic reason for the smaller units?



  12. And… suddenly reading your post again :), the three Rings mentioned -Narya, Vilya and Nenya have no listing because they have no effect in a wargame like this one.

    However, they could be used as an objective in a scenario, so I listed them.


  13. Hi Matt,

    You are correct, I did leave them out. Well spotted.

    Legolas is gifted with two special blades that are +1 in combat against orcs & goblins of all types.

    I’ll find a way of fitting them into the next edition.


  14. Really like the LotR variant. I had a question about some of the items, and maybe I’m just overlooking their description. I couldn’t find a listing for the Elven Blades or for Gandalf’s ring. Not sure what they do in the game.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!


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