Inscrutable – One page Oriental Fantasy RPG Rules

Inscrutable is a new stablemate to the successful Dead Simple Fantasy RPG rules. It allow you to play a honourable Samurai, a wily Ninja, sorcerous Shugenja or wise Monk in the mystical land of Nihon.

It also shows just how easy it is to transfer the Dead Simple rules to another fantasy genre.

Here are the core rules, more to follow:

Inscrutable One Page RPG Rules 2nd Edition


6 Responses

  1. Gary, being an idiot I put your contribution on the Dead Simple Blog not here…
    All new material for Dead Simple RPG rules and variants gets put there.

  2. Will do! I’ll clean them up a bit and send them on their way.


  3. Gary, I’m sure everyone would be delighted if you shared your creations with us. Please feel free to email them to me at Remember to put your name on them so you are properly credited.

  4. Craig… Read the Inscrutable rules and loved them! They are a nice simple set of rules to introduce gamers to a samurai flavored RPG. While other samurai and men can be deadly opponents, they are not the only ones gamers enjoy dealing with. I therefore took the liberty of creating some creatures both natural and fantastic for these rules. If you would like to see them or make use of them with the rules set, let me know!


  5. Juha,

    You are correct 🙂

    This is what comes when I convert another set of rules too quickly…


  6. Samurai should not carry shields… Nice work otherwise. I would probably leave them without spells too, but that is question of personal preference.

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