Blaster! One Page SciFi RPG Rules.

For those of you who have taken some interest in my one page roleplaying/skirmish rules you now have a new set to browse through.

Blaster is a generic SciFi RPG in the 26th century where mankind’s unity has been sundered by war and where a few good men can still make a difference.

More like Firefly and Buck Rogers (the 1930’s version) than Star Trek you will form a team of adventurers who have a small starship which they can use to explore, travel, trade and fight against the dying of the light.

As usual both the core rules and the setting are single page affairs and are completely compatible with other titles in the Dead Simple RPG series.

 Blaster – Simple Generic SciFi Roleplaying

The Dying of the Light – A setting for the Blaster RPG

Blaster Supplement 1 – Adversaries