Nasty, Brutish & Short!

Some years ago I wrote and ran a game called ‘Goblins’  for my local group. It had the palyers roleplaying a gang of inept Goblins in the man-dominated world of the 21st century. Although the rules were crude and clunky it was an absolute hoot.

So when I wrote Dead Simple and found these rules to be fairly easy and logical to use  my mind turned back to that old setting. So here they are the one page NBS rules and a one page supplement to introduce you to the background. More supplements will follow…

Nasty, Brutal and Short

Going Down – The World of Nasty, Brutal and Short!

So do you want to release your inner Goblin?

And new today [28th September] is the first one page adventure for NBS:

The Maltese Goblin – a scenario for Nasty, Brutal & Short


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