Dead Simple RPG Rules

Following on from the success of my one page Wargames rules (FUBAR), I wondered if the same principle could be applied to roleplaying, and here’s the result:

Dead Simple Fantasy RPG Rules v3.0

Those of you that have already downloaded this set may wish to download the core rules again. The are now in an A4 Portrait Three-column style that gives me more space for good stuff.

As promised I have started to produce supplements to the core rules:

Supplement 1 – Dead Simple Game Mastering

Supplement 2 – Going Underground

Supplement 3 – Loot!

Supplement 4 – The Marketplace

Dead Simple – Supplement 5 The Village of Grobblet

Dead Simple – Supplement 6A The Denizens of the Dark

Dead Simple – Supplement 6B Dark Forests…

Dead Simple – Supplement 6C Death is only the beginning…

Dead Simple – The Tomb of St.Magnus Part 1

As these rules are only one page they are very easy to adapt to your own setting or theme. For example here’s a version set in the Reformation in 17th Century England:

Blood & Faith – Simple One Page Reformation RPG Rules

You can even change genres in the flick of a page. Here’s a SF/Space Opera version:

Blaster – Simple One Page SF RPG Rules