Blaster D20 RPG

Blaster! is an attempt to recreate the magic once held by Traveller. It is a hard science fiction game with a simple and internally consistent set of core rules and game mechanics. Although it is supported by a detailed background these rules can be quickly adapted to any SF universe you could want to devise (or borrow).

This game’s focus is on the extraordinary Heroes that the players create. You will quickly discover that the characters this system encourages are larger than life and almost cinematic in quality. Hey, if you want to play a down-on-his-luck, droid service engineer that’s up to you. Personally I’d prefer to play a High-G World, former Corporate Marine on the run from the Southern Cross Organisation, who’s battling to prevent Ancient Technology from falling into the hands of rogue AI Terminators. Or perhaps a gorgeous Belter Star-pilot trying to break the bank at an Orbital Casino while her crew ambush an alien courier. Or even a veteran Farsider Trader leading his men into the desperate pursuit of Rim Pirates who have his patron’s daughter in their evil clutches.

This game is much more Flash Gordon than Star Trek. A universe where small starships abound (for reasons explained below) and a handful of good men can still play a major part in the future.

Game Philosophy

This is an abridged version of the D20 rules that has been designed to be quick and easy to play. The goal was to create a simpler game, but one where all of the resources of core D20 could be used without any serious conversion.

The full Rules are here: Blaster D20 Microlite


15 Responses

  1. Blaster, like all the Dead Simple rpgs has now moved to a new blog. Here you can find the fifth edition rules for Blaster D20.

  2. So… Any word on when the document is going to get weapon damage, armor class, and the vehicle appendix?

  3. People only have to ask 🙂
    I shall rummage out the material I used in the recent campaign that I ran and shake it into some order over the next week or two.

  4. Any word on when this is going to have the armor class values, damage values, and vehicle appendix?

    This game looks great and I want to run it for my microlite group, but those are required for play and I’m gonna have to use something else…

  5. Sorry, I didn’t. I am a very bad author. I’ll have a rummage…

  6. Hi, did you ever round up the Vehicles Appendix? Thanks!

  7. Craig,

    I think that you indicated that you were going to put down weapons damage for the Blaster D20 variant. Your weapons table has data, including encumber, capacity, etc., but no damage.


  8. I am a bear of very little brain Sean. Can you please remind me of what I said I’d do because IHMN has assimilated me 🙂

  9. Craig,

    Did you ever got around to assembling the weapon damage data?



  10. Hi Jim,

    Page 4, first section (Attributes), third sentence:

    “Attribute bonus = (attribute-10)/2, round down.”

    A bit of a clunky formula, but this based on the D20 series of games.

  11. Ability Bonuses are mentioned but never explained. In generating the Abilities you roll 4d6 dropping losest. What are the bonuses supposed to be? They are assumed but not explained.

  12. Hi there Dr.Strangevisitor,

    It has been a crazy time since this came up. What with the publication of Forge of War, FUBAR, In the Emperor’s Name, and numerous RPG settings and games.

    I must admit it didn’t make it’s way to the top of the pile. I’m sure Mechapile thinks that I’m a complete knobhead (apologies mate).

    I have now escalated it up the list for a look at later this week.


  13. This version of the “Blaster” setting looks to be a little more my speed, but based on the comments below and the fact that the weapon damages are still missing (at least I haven’t found them in the document version I downloaded today), not to mention the Vehicles appendix, I’m wondering if there’s been any further progress made on this?

  14. Hmm… where indeed?

    Methinks I rushed these onto the site without checking them. I’ll publish an amended version in a week or so.

    Thanks for the proofreading Mechapile 🙂


  15. Where are the damage values of the weapons?

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